BetClic, Expekt, Bet-at-home (BetClic Everest Group) Review


Surebet Monitor Overall Arbitrage Rating F
Surebet Monitor Coverage (Expekt, Bet-at-home) C
Arbitrage opportunites rating D
Financial security F
Account lifespan (until limited) F/C
Customer support B
Withdrawal times B

1. The Company – Financial security

All three listed services – Bet-at-home, BetClick and Expekt belong to the BetClick Everest Group. GigaMedia is involved as a shareholder in Everest Gaming which is a part of Betclick Everest. GigaMedia in 2010 sold 60% of their gambling software business to Mangas Gaming (now Betclic Everest), owned by Lov Group and Société des Bains de Mer. But they still hold the remaining 40% of shares.

From the press release:

GigaMedia will continue to hold the remaining 40 percent interest with a put option to sell all or part to Mangas beginning in 2013. Beginning in 2015, Mangas will have a call option on any remaining shareholding held by GigaMedia.

When you look into recent quarterly reports:

  Q4 2010 Q4 2011
Total revenues (Everest Gaming) $15,4 mill (including $10,8 from poker) $10,9 mill (including $7,4 from poker)
Unique active players (Everest Gaming) 146 000 82 000
Total net loss (Everest Gaming) $8,6 mill $86,7 mill

In 2010 and 2011, Everest Gaming recorded an operating loss of US $24.2 million and US $111.1 million, respectively. Everest Gaming has been incurring losses and may not be able to obtain financing from third parties on attractive terms or at all.

It clearly shows that the poker product is losing pace on the market and bringing huge loss to the Company. Also the condition of other brands belonging to the Group, especially when it comes to their attitude towards players is frightening and include confiscations of winnings and even deposits – see some examples here:

Bet-at-home – call for a SBR downgrade!

2. Customer Support

Customer support is available through an e-mail and live-chat. Operators are generally helpful when it comes to minor troubles, however if you face any sort of financial issues with them they will refuse to give you any answer and disconnect.


3. Withdrawal times and fees

Skrill (Moneybookers) witdhrawals are free of charge and if you manage not to get your account blocked and funds confiscated, you will get your money fast.


4. Account lifespan (until limited)

Initial limits are already low and you will be almost instantly limited by BetClick and Expekt. You may survive without limit a bit longer at bet-at-home. Once limited, you will not be able to bet more than a couple of EUR per bet. An option to request higher amounts is only present at expekt, but in reality higher stakes are rarely accepted.


5. Arbitrage opportunities

BetClick and Expekt offer quite frequent arbitrages every day. On the other hand arbitrages including Bet-at-home – the only slower limiting service of Everest BetClick Group do not show often.


6. Surebet Monitor Coverage

Surebet Monitor covered all three bookmakers quite well, however following multiple cash confiscations at BetClick we decided to exclude this service from our offer.


7. General recommendation

BetClick Everest Group bookmakers will not gain our recommendation. Poor financial condition of the Group, a lot of Client’s deposit-confiscation history, rapid fast limitations and general unfriendly behavior all wave red “no-go” banners to the arbers.